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Biotech Sector To Take Off In 2023
Dr. Daniel Koller from Bellevue Asset Management talks to Wealth Briefing about the buying opportunity being created by low valuations in the biotech sector.
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Emerging Markets Healthcare sector comeback
Fundamental factors are indicating that the recent advance by healthcare stocks across the Asia-Pacific region and in emerging market countries is solidifying into a sustained recovery. Read the market commentary from Remo Krauer Senior Portfolio Manager Healthcare Funds & Mandates at Bellevue AM.
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RedHedge Relative Value UCITS Fund ranked 1st among the preferences of Italian institutional clients
RedHedge Relative Value UCITS Fund ranked 1st among the preferred funds by Italian Fund Selectors, according to FundsPeople. An important signal from institutional investors, who appreciate this Credit Relative Value strategy characterized by low volatility, limited risk and high decorrelation.
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The LOYS equity funds got off to a good start in January. A number of individual stocks represented in the funds even posted spectacular price performances. In particular, shares that had come under great preassure in 2022 recently made their mark with sporty price increases.
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solid performance for active solar fund in January 2023
January was a very good start to the year for Active Solar (+13%) that did more than offset the negative performance of December. This is obviously directly linked with the rebound of the stock markets, but also probably a sign that many investors are increasing exposure to the energy transition megatrend.
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Regional healthcare strategies: China in focus
After years of uncertainty, the Chinese healthcare market is expected to grow by around 10% again in 2023. Valuations are currently extremely attractive following Oliver Kubli and Remo Krauer, Portfolio Managers of Bellevue Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets Healthcare.
Watch here
Five opportunities for healthcare investors
Bellevue Asset Management casts a spotlight on five major trends in the healthcare sector for 2023 and outlines their potential from an investor’s perspective.
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Interesting news on FDA approval could boost bellevue biotech fund
Exciting updates on the FDA approval of Biogen's Alzheimer's drug could herald a new era in Alzheimer's research. What effects will this news have on the thematic fund, specialized in biotechnology, Bellevue Biotech?
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SKY Italy Interview with Andrea Seminara
Andrea Seminara, CEO of RedHedge Asset Management, was invited to discuss the overview of the fixed income situation live on Sky Italia.
Watch here
Stock Market mood Brightens - Loys Monthly commentary
Anyone who does not regularly follow economic developments has recently been surprised by an improvement in economic and, above all, stock market sentiment.
Watch here
Active solar - The best performing fund over 3 years
Active Solar ranked number 1 for 3 year return among the best 100 funds to watch selected by Portfolio Adviser and Refinitiv.
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Healthcare Investments in East & West - Talking with Cyrill Zimmermann, Head Healthcare Funds
Investing in Healthcare in the East & West: in this video, Dr. Cyrill Zimmermann, head of Healthcare funds at Bellevue Asset Management, delves into the topic of the healthcare sector in light of what is happening in the US and China.
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Active Solar October News
Active Solar experienced high volatility in October, going down for most of the month before bouncing back in the last week. The negative performance in October is not correlated with most stock markets but it is worth noting that Active Solar still stands out in terms of YTD performance.
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Why China is persisting with its zero-covid policy?
Paul Major, Portfolio Manager of the Bellevue Healthcare Trust, returns to the Art of Investment Podcast this week to discuss a host of health-related topics including how healthcare systems need to change following the pandemic and why he prefers small and medium size companies compared to large, mega cap businesses.
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September was a difficult month for active solar
September, as for the financial markets, was a difficult month for the Active Solar fund, which saw a negative performance, even if it remains above average since the beginning of the year.
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Bellevue Biotech – News on Alzheimers
Last week Eisai/Biogen presented their highly anticipated data of their product candidate to treat Alzheimer’s dementia. Is this the long awaited breakthrough many have been hoping for or just data that triggers again more questions than answers?
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Active Solar did well in August compared to the negative stock markets
The positive YTD performance stands out in the heavy correction endured by most stock indexes.
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Medtech & Services sector lives up to its reputation - comment by Marcel Fritsch
Sector rotation into value has lost considerable momentum and investors are showing more interest in fast-growing, innovative, non-cyclical stocks. This has put medtech & services companies (back) on the radar of the general investment community.
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Bellevue Managers confident future of global healthcare industry is bright one
Here is the latest article in the Mail on Sunday mentioning Bellevue Healthcare Trust from "This is Money UK"
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Bellevue Healthcare Strategy – GARP poised for a comeback
The fund's PEG ratio (price/earnings ratio relative to earnings growth) has never been as low as it is now. That is a sign of fair valuations and enticing investment opportunities. Samuel Stursberg explains why the time is ripe for a comeback by profitable growth companies and how the portfolio will benefit from it.
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In this article Andrea Seminara, portfolio manager of the RedHedge Relative Value Fund, discusses the recent liquidity conditions in the Repo sector and how the fund is performing in this market environment.
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RedHedge once again in the TOP 10 performer funds for May 2022 according to BarclayHedge
Once again RedHedge Relative Value UCITS Fund Class A USD has ranked number 7 in the Fixed Income - Arbitrage category for May 2022 according to BarclayHedge’s Monthly performance rankings.
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2022's historic opportunities for healthcare investors
Paul Major, portfolio manager for Bellevue Healthcare Trust (BBH.L) joined Richard Kimberley at Kepler Trust Intelligence to discuss how the strategy is looking to take advantage of recent volatility, in what he says is likely to be remembered as a historic buy opportunity for investors.
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Emerging Markets Healthcare – Remo Krauer Update
Recent quarterly figures and outlooks of many Asian healthcare companies remain robust and encouraging, despite ongoing political and macroeconomic uncertainties. Remo Krauer, PM of the Bellevue Emerging Market Healthcare fund, explains background and impact of the current developments. https://www.bellevue.ch/ch-en/pro/insights/bellevue-insights-emerging-markets-healthcare#history-back
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Stock pension – Loys PM view on Germany
Ufuk Boydak and Dr. Christoph Bruns, fund managers of Loys Aktien Europa and Loys Global L/S funds, in this recent article analyse the German government choices regarding the share-based pension scheme.
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Are we living in a post-Covid world? Listen to the podcast with Paul Major, PM of the Bellevue Healthcare Trust.
Paul Major of Bellevue Healthcare Trust and Covid-19 researcher and oncologist Prof. Justin Stebbing, discuss the ongoing transition to a post-Covid-19 world.
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Redhedge Relative Value UCITS class A USD Fund in the TOP 10 BarclayHedge’s Monthly Performance rankings
The fund has ranked number 7 in the Fixed Income – Arbitrage category for April 2022. An important recognition of the excellence of those products that stands out for performance, volatility and consistency over time.
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Can we benefit from the diverse characteristics of the healthcare sector?
In this interview, Dr. Terence McManus outlines the investment strategy of the new Bellevue Diversified Healthcare Fund.
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May 2022 News – Active Solar Fund performed well
Performance has been very positive in May. Is there a prospect for an upward movement similar to the one we saw in 2020? Here’s the commentary from PM Pascal Rochat.
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Has the pandemic reshaped the Healthcare sector?
Paul Major of the Bellevue Healthcare Trust tells to The Daily Telegraph how the pandemic made doctors more willing to try new approaches to care.
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The Belt tightening of the German government
Ufuk Boydak, PM of the LOYS Aktien Europa and LOYS Global L/S Funds, and Dr. Christoph Burns on the current market environment and the role German Government is playing in managing the actual geopolitical situation.
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Biotech sector sees potential for growth post Covid
In this article from Wealthadviser, Dallas Webb, Portfolio Manager of the Bellevue BB Biotech fund analyses opportunities in the Biotechnology sector.
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RedHedge Asset Management April 2022 News – Active Solar Fund corrected but this remains an interesting entry pointhis team – Meet William Moorhouse, Product Specialist
April 2022 has been a difficult month for the fund, mainly in relation to the uncertainties on the US Solar market, but which doesn’t affect the attractiveness of this thematic Fund.
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RedHedge Asset Management introduces his team – Meet William Moorhouse, Product Specialist
In this short video William Moorhouse, Product Specialist of the London Asset Management company, tell us all about his role and his favourite things about working at RedHedge Asset Management LLP.
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Active Solar won Best Fund over 3 and 5 years at Nordics Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards 2022
A great award for the Active Solar Fund which wins the “Best Fund over 3 years” and “Best Fund over 5 years” for the Equity Theme – Alternative Energy category at the Nordics Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards 2022. Two great victories which are representative of the commitment and the competence of the Fund Manager Pascal Rochat, capable of generating excellent performance over time.
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Gamma Capital – Eiger Robotics Fund obtains two major awards from Citywire Italy
3rd place in terms of total return in the first three months of 2022 and 1st place in terms of standard deviation (9.3) over a 3-year period (2019-2022) for the Global Equity Tech Thematic class. A great result for Carlo De Luca, PM of the Fund, capable of achieving great performance, generating excellent long-term results.
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Is normalization of surgery volumes positive for medtech companies? Here the answer from Marcel Frisch
Normalization of surgery volumes is positive for medtech companies and US health insurers are benefitting in an environment of rising interest rates. Marcel Fritsch, Portfolio Manager of the Bellevue Medtech & services fund, discusses the current year and the investment strategy.
Watch here
Digital Health: encouraging company specific news flow – Stefan Blum talks about the Bellevue Digital Health fund
Encouraging company specific news flow, lower valuation multiples and challenges around healthcare workforce are positive factors for the digital health investment case. Stefan Blum, Portfolio Manager of the Bellevue Digital Health fund, discusses the current year and the investment strategy.
Watch here
Bellevue’s Paul Major: investing to solve healthcare problems
In this article Paul Major tells Mary McDougall why there is a “tremendous buying opportunity” in small and mid caps.
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Another award for MOMentum Multilabel Sicav – Lyra
Multilabel Sicav - LYRA Fund makes 3 out of 3 in 2022, collecting the fifth Lipper Award since 2018 as "Best Fund over 3 Years - Mixed Asset EUR Flex - Europe". Congratulations to the fund manager, Gianluca Pediconi, for another recognition, which confirms not only the great professionalism, but also the extreme competence in management capable of generating superior performance over time.
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How Trium and other four fund managers are playing the healthcare sector
Raphael Pitoun, Portfolio Manager of Trium Sustainable Innovators Fund, discusses the escalating costs in Healthcare and how MCOs (managed care organisations) are helping to address the problem.
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Underestimated newcomers – Bellevue commentary on the mid-cap Biotech companies
The steadily growing importance of small and mid-cap biotech companies with innovative product pipelines has not yet been fully acknowledged by financial markets. Here’s the market commentary by Dr. Daniel Koller.
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War in Ukraine – Monthly commentary from the Fund managers
The unimaginable for many has become reality: war reigns again in Europe. Once again, Carl Von Clausewitz was right: "War is the continuation of politics by other means." Here attached the monthly commentary from Dr. Christoph Bruns and Ufuk Boydak, fund managers and co-investors LOYS Aktien Europa and LOYS Global L / S.
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China’s Healthcare industry at a turning point
Remo Krauer, Senior Portfolio Manager of the Bellevue Healthcare Asia Pacific fund, shares his point of view concerning the Healthcare industry in China, which recently made further significant progress in terms of quality and its international profile.
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Active Solar - News of the Month - March 2022
Active Solar returned a good performance in March, mainly driven by the energy crisis triggered by the Russia-Ukraine war. Read the full news.
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Digitization of the healthcare sector
Stefan Blum, portfolio manager of the Bellevue Digital Health Fund, provides in-depth insights into the topic of digitization in healthcare.
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MOMentum Multilabel SICAV – LYRA gains Citywire AAA rating
The fund manager outperformed his benchmark over a three-year period and obtained the highest AAA rating. Only the 10% of managers screened by Citywire (over 16,000 fund managers in 64 countries) has been able to achieve this, entering in an outstanding elite group.
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MOMentum Multilabel SICAV – LYRA wins at the 2022 UCITS Hedge Awards
It is a matter of sustainable, consistent and superior returns. The MOMentum Multilabel SICAV – LYRA won the "Long / Short Equity Europe, Best Performing Fund over 7 years" category, published by The Hedge Fund Journal.
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Active Solar has been the second best performing fund since the start of the Ukraine invasion - Article from Citywire 7th March 22.
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FSA strengthens its commercial Team in Italy and Switzerland and hires a new Institutional Sales
The appointment of a new Institutional Sales will enable the firm's institutional sales team to deepen its focus on the Italian and Switzerland markets.
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Loys aktien europa presentation
Read the latest presentation of the Loys Aktien Europa fund.
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Loys Global presentation
Read the latest presentation of the Loys Global fund.
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Gemway Assets' latest market flash, approaching investors' concerns about Evergrande default risk and a potential risk of contagion on the Chinese financial system in general.
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Redhedge CIO Andrea Seminara interviewed on Plus24
Andrea Seminara gives his outlook on the current bond market on the latest issue of Plus24.
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Trium Capital

In June 2021, Raphael Pitoun brought his global and US ESG strategies over from CQS to Trium Capital. The linked document gives an overview of his funds' strategy and performance.

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BarclayHedge awards Redhedge's Relative Value UCITS fund the Recognition Award for Excellence as a top performer in April 2021 in the Fixed Income - Arbitrage category.
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Marcel Fritsch and Stefan Blum, the Co-Lead portfolio managers of the BB Adamant Digital Health (Lux) fund, present a livestream on the topic of "Digital Health - Revolution in Healthcare".
BB Insights Video Update - Medtech & Services - February 2021

Marcel Fritsch and Stefan Blum, portfolio managers of the BB Adamant Medtech & Services and BB Adamant Digital Health review the market situation, new opportunities and some of the companies best positioned to navigate the current uncertainty caused by the pandemic.


Massimo Stabilini, advisor for Aristea SICAV M&A Opportunities fund, delivers a report on the performance of the fund in Q4 2020.

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Bellevue Asset Management product specialists Markus Peter, Jean-Pierre Gerber and Loreno Ferrari look back on 2020 and explain what impact the corona crisis had on Bellevue's investment strategies and in which areas there is potential for 2021.

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In the attached article Marcel Fritsch, portfolio manager of Bellevue's BB Adamant Digital Health Fund, proposes an analysis of the main growth drivers in the booming digital health sector.

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A new digital healthcare giant?
Stefan Blum, Portfolio Manager of the Adamant Global Medtech and Services e BB Adamant Digital Health funds discusses a recent acquisition which could represent an opportunity for the American merket and investors.
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Raphael Pitoun, manager of the New City Global Equity Fund, shows how the recent market recovery was primarily driven by interest rates rather than fundamentals. In this presentation he presents his view on the stocks to consider for long term growth.

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